Christmas & Festive Season

Christmas & Festive Season Specialty Decor & Balloons. Private gatherings, retail merchandising installations, office parties.

christmas-party-event-venue-balloon-designs.jpgParty & Catering Supplies for Christmas & the Festive Season

Christmas is a special time for us all. Whether you are looking for stylish Christmas decorations, you want to ramp up the fun factor at your office Christmas party, or are conducting a major retail store decor overlay, we offer a wide range of specialty Christmas supplies & custom Christmas decor alternatives.

You may also find inspiration in our general shopping sections.

Selection of Christmas party supplies

  • outdoor Christmas supplies
  • stocking fillers
  • themed party ware
  • quality standard solid colours
  • festive games and activities
  • Christmas lollies and candy canes
  • Christmas party catering (Melbourne customers)
  • party lighting

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