Environment & Party Flair

mini sushi boats platter party food melbourne eco friendly cateringCare about the environment? We do too.

We are proud members of PEBA - click here for more on balloons and the environment.

In this industry, we see a lot of single-use items that go into landfill. In our own business, we take care of the environment into everything that we do. We installed solar at our warehouse, we recycle, reuse, compost and minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible in our business.

We are also passionate about providing our customers with the eco-best choices when it comes to choosing supplies for your party, wedding or special event.

How can Party Flair help you and the environment for your next event?

  • Support locally made - our catering foods are sourced from as locally as possible. We are big believers in minimising use of transportation to get our food to you. You can also be reassured that the vast majority of our food comes from Australian (and Victorian) farms and processed under Australian quality guidelines. 
  • Hire or choose durables over disposables - click here for rental items and here for eco-friendly items to purchase, or ask our team.
  • Buy in bulk - less packaging & fewer trips to the shops
  • Balloons - choose from our stunning range of air-only balloon designs. Choose our biodegradable latex balloons over foil or plastic balloons. We do not support balloon releases and encourage hosts organising outdoor parties to consider some or our amazing, high impact air-filled balloon decorations and designs instead of helium-based designs which are inherently difficult to control outdoors.
  • Choose eco-grown - this includes now famous bamboo - plates, bowls, cutlery, presentationware, packaging (noodle boxes, lunch boxes, etc), loads of bamboo food accessories (skewers, etc). Bookmark this section or ask us if you do not find what you need as new products are being developed regularly.
  • Choose biodegradable, and even better - compostible products - listed here.

If you are organising an event outdoors or in the park, we can organise fresh food platters and pre-packed lunch or snack boxes to order. Our high quality polycarbonate glassware are great for park parties, beach weddings and wherever OHS, a quality party experience and minimising waste is important.

This section brings you a great range of eco-friendly party supplies to buy online. Otherwise, click here for:   

Any questions? Have a product we should know about? Please contact us.

For infomation about the dangers of and safe use of helium, click here. Please like and share this page on your social feed to help us to spread the word about the dangers of inhaling helium.