Gluten Free Party Foods

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It seems like these days there is always someone who cannot eat gluten or who is intolerant to dairy, and many of our party hosts and event coordinators worry about what is the best way to deal with guests who suffer from these problems?

When you plan to host a party, ensure you ask guests if they have any special dietary requirements. Most people will inform you of their needs, particularly if they are due to allergies, but it pays to ask just in case.

Then call our team. We are experienced with what can and cannot be organised with regards to serving gluten free party food, with a great range of gluten free products available to choose from. Order online specialty gluten free party food packs for one or two guests, or select party foods that can be served to all of your guests that also fit your gluten free party food catering needs.

Levels of Allergy or Intolerance to Gluten Free Foods

Some people may have an intolerance or preference not to eat gluten free foods. Others may have a severe allergy. It is important to be aware of what level of allergy your guest/s has/have to gluten.

Where severe allergies may exist, you and your guest do need to consider whether you can provide a totally gluten free and allergy free food preparation environment. Always discuss this with your guest/s.

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Here are some ways to make it easier for you as the host to provide party catering to suit all your guests.

Full Service Catering in Melbourne offering Gluten Free Party Food

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