Do I D.I.Y. or Book the Professionals for My Balloons?

Date Posted:30 March 2015 

I can do balloons - but should I? Great resource for creative party decorators - when to D.I.Y. and when to get the professionals involved

Pros & Cons of Having a Professional Balloon Service vs D.I.Y. Balloon DecorationsMazda Annual car yard sales balloon decor red carpet

Just last week, a lovely customer collected her box of goodies along with uninflated balloons for their special occasion. They were heading off with a whole day set aside to decorate, and had chosen air-filled balloons to hang from here and there, with some lovely additions and a fun balloon table centrepiece that we had prepared with foil balloons and long-lasting latex balloons for their party the following day.

As always, I let her know that we are on the end of the phone if she needed any help.

By late that day, I received a phone call to say that the air compressor was working, but not for balloon inflation, they had given up on their cheapie balloon pumps they haad bought at the local import store, and they were mouth-blowing their 180 balloons.

"What should we do?" they asked. 

I directed them to their nearest specialty balloon store to purchase several quality balloon pumps as they were now running out of time, and had many other items still on their 'to-do' list.

These customers were not unusual. They were very intelligent, had planned a whole day to decorate, had organised the equipment they expected they would need, we had been through 'how-to-do-this-and-that' (at considerable time cost to us), and been thorough with ordering so they had plenty of everything. Yet, all through Saturday, I wondered how they had fared, whether their lovely decorating plans had come off as planned. I knew that hand-pumping would also take them well into the wee hours, or they would have to compromise significantly on their decorations.

And, this wasn't particularly ambitious for a novice. However, it does highlight a golden rule we live by in our business. 

It's too late after the event to get it right. 


This customer spent hundreds of dollars just on supply of stock, which told me it was a really special occasion, and decorating was important. They were never interested in having us decorate and take that stress out of their party. 

I do appreciate that it is not possible, or necessary, to bring in the professionals. I also appreciate it is important to know when to ask for help. So, I have prepared this Pros and Cons Guide to Full Service Balloon Decorating Services for you.

  • You can use the kit anytime and therefore are not limited by our store hours.
  • You can to use the kit anywhere, and therefore if your party is in the country and not local, or near a balloon service centre, you can take it with you.
  • It is less expensive than picking up the same quantity inflated in our store.
  • There is no pick up or delivery fee.
  • You can be a part of the decorating process and get hands on with it all.
  • For those people who are allergic to latex, please do not use this option.
  • There is always the chance that you may not inflate the full amount of balloons (This can be caused by leaking gas when inflating balloons or over-inflating balloons).
  • There is always a chance that you may pop a balloon and therefore not have the full amount of balloons.
  • Your balloons may not be all the same size (and therefore, float for the same length of time) if you don't fill them the same amount.
  • You may get sore fingers from tying your balloons.
  • A minority of people may find it difficult to use the inflation tank and regulator required.
  • It may be stressful to worry about having to inflate all the balloons on the day of your function.
  • You may not have enough time to inflate them all.
  • You have to return the cylinder when you are complete. (In some cases, disposable cylinders can be arranged depending on your council’s recycling services).
  • The venue may have high ceilings, which make inflate-and-release balloon inflation on-site difficult.
  • You need different regulators for different types of balloons.
  • Some of the more popular 'non-standard' balloon choices can be quite difficult to handle as they work differently to standard balloons.
  • Helium cylinders are high pressure tanks, and there are some dangers in transporting and handling a full tank at your venue.
  <td colspan="2" style="text-align: center; width=" 50%"=""> COLLECT INFLATED HELIUM BALLOONS FROM OUR SERVICE CENTRE
  • You don't have to worry about inflating the balloons yourself. We do all the work for you.
  • You don't have to return any equipment
  • You receive balloon designs and decorations prepared with the industry's best quality balloons, ensuring they
    • look amazing
    • are true to colour
    • float or stay inflated for the planned time. 
  • Cheapie balloons are usually smaller, so do not float as well or for as long, they become very uncomfortable if tying lots of them, and the colour is often inferior. 
  • Not all retail pack balloons are suitable for helium.
  • When you order a certain quantity of balloons you will receive the number ordered. With a D.I.Y. kit, you may under or over-inflate some balloons as you get started, or lose some up in the ceiling. Keep in mind that balloons are not 100% reliable, so even us experts are occasionally replacing 'duds'.
  • they have been correctly inflated for the time you require them to look fantastic.
  • Choosing our experienced professionals to produce your balloons gives you the industry's creative best in design and concepts to choose from to give that WOW factor for your occasion or event.
  • You are limited by the size of your vehicle. You may have to bring more than one vehicle.
  • You may have limited visibility while driving.
  • You are limited to picking up your balloons during our store hours.
  • Balloons may pop during transport, or  you may lose some if they escape
  • Balloons are affected by heat, environmental factors or being in a vehicle for long periods of time, so you need to take them straight to the venue.
  • You don't have to worry about a thing - we will have exactly what you ordered, delivered where you want it. And, we pride ourselves on delivering on time, every time
  • In fact, we can even set up & install all of your event decorations if you would like
  • If something happens to your balloons during the delivery process, we will fix them so they are perfect for your function. We know balloons; we always carry spares.
  • The delivery fee















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