What is cocktailing, and why are brides doing it?

Date Posted:1 January 2013 

What is cocktailing, and why are brides doing it?

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More brides and brides-to-be are choosing non-traditional engagement parties and wedding receptions. Cocktail parties, morning tea, afternoon teas too.


  • They want everyone to mingle, and truly share in the festivities rather than "spectate".
  • Many settings are not suited to a sit down reception. The more 'freestyle' nature of the cocktail party opens up a whole world of non-traditional locations for celebration.
  • Thanks to the broad uptake of social media within personal contact groups, we have seen a significant increase in the size of the 'average' social event, we call this the Facebook effect. Larger gatherings mean larger venues. In choosing a cocktail style function, you can accommodate more guests or choose a smaller venue than you could with a sit down party. Smaller venues means more options for the bride to choose from, at a lower cost, and less traditional options are now possible. 
  • Managing the seating list is never a simple task. With a cocktailing style reception, you can still provide seating for guests without having to seat guests who do not know each other together, or manage around sensitive family relationships.
  • Even formal settings can be better suited to the informal elegance of a finger food style affair.
  • The range and quality of finger foods and service styles means that guests can be served a generous 'meal' without a knife or fork. Cocktailing is not just for pre-dinner gatherings any more.
  • The important formalities and traditions do not have to be rolled out the door along with the dining tables.

And, of course, there are no rules about cocktails having to be served at a cocktail-style event! Though, we can do that too.

Ask our event specialists for more information on beautiful cocktail-style wedding reception packages and engagement party alternatives to create the perfect setting for your day.

Especially our particularly romantic French range!

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