What is a Pinata Cake?

What is a Piñata Cake? 

Piñata cakes can be made in any shape or style to suit your occasion. Photo credit: BBC Foods

We are often asked – “What is a Piñata Cake?”

Just like a piñata, it is a normal looking celebration cake with a delicious surprise packed inside! This clever concept is a lot of fun, and can be used for many different special occasions. Sweets or little chocolates like smarties are usually used, but your limit is your imagination.

They can be a little tricky to make from scratch, but if you bake confidently, you can probably pull this little gem of an idea off without much sweat.

The magic in the pinata cake is the surprise that tumbles out when the cake is cut.

We also love that a pinata cake concept is so easily adapted to so many different occasions, tastes and more. Try fresh berries packed inside for a really healthy pinata cake. Make a pinata cake gluten free, nut free, egg free for an allergy-free treat. Just be sure to check the ingredients in your treats going into the cake too.

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Piñata cakes can be made in any shape or style to suit your occasion. Soccer pinata cake photo credit: BBC Foods

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