Say it With Balloons

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How to Say "Thank You"  With Balloons

We were asked by a local council to help them to say thanks to all of the amazing volunteers that contribute to local activities, suppor

t in specific programs and environmental projects and more. The council organisers appreciated every effort given by their local residents and the overall contribution to a better living and working environment they created each year.

So they asked us to help them say Thanks.

For 2015 National Volunteer's Week, the focus was on smiles, and so we created this photo wall backdrop and "welcoming crew" from smiling balloons and megaloon balloon letters. Other smiley balloon and table centrepiece decorating elements were introduced to complete this high impact corporate balloon design, both hanging, some with helium, and others carrying special message cards.

Add great catering, special videos from famous Australian TV personalities and industry experts, and personal messages from their key council members, and their special guests of honour really received the message, and it was a very special day for all.

Whatever your message may be, you can so easily say it with balloons!

(Megaloon column design adapted from Luc Bertrand's original design.)