Pantone colour of the year - 2017

Date Posted:19 December 2016 

2017 Pantone Colour of the Year 

pantone 2017 colour of the yearFor Pantone, 2017's colour is a continuation of the restful, rejuvenating colour trend experienced with 2016's rose quartz and serenity duo dance.

For Party Flair, greenery colour tones represent calm, life force, and grounding in nature.

Green Colour Tones for Your Event, Wedding or Party Styling

Check our party colours product listings for DIY party supplies, or contact our decorating team for expert styling of your wedding, corporate event, private party or community event. 

At Party Flair, we are doing greenery in balloons, organic decor using mixed media, (eg, plants + balloons + fabrics + other organics) with pops of gold, rose gold, or your favourite colour. Green is back in vogue for Christmas decorating, too.

Green Party Products Here

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Read more from Pantone on Greenery, the colour of the year for 2017 here

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