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Storz produce some of our lovely themed chocolates. Here is more on their product quality, straight from the 'horse's mouth'. Storz chocolates are a world away from basic, price-point driven party chocolate produced here in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

Our fine recipes – and a few important principles

Chocolate isn’t just chocolate. We pursue chocolate and praliné products of especially fine and demanding premium quality. For us, efficiency, bulk and rationalization of recipe creation are not important – flavor, emotion, taste experience, freshness, purity and safety however are. Concerning this matter we are uncompromising.
Following we describe the most important creations by Storz. There are a few important principles regarding all our recipes:

  • We only use pure cocoa butter and completely abstain from so-called added fats, meaning fat other than cocoa butter, which are permitted as per the European cocoa regulation and are quite popular in practice. Therefore, we uncompromisingly confess to the chocolate purity law.
  • We only use natural ingredients: for example we replaced synthetic vanillin with natural vanilla.
  • We also pay attention to high quality, freshness and purity of goods and high quality of suppliers and producers.
  • We do not modify our recipes by using fillings or ingredients that are cheaper, devaluate the product and distort the pure chocolate and praliné experience. We feel obligated to pure and typical taste and want to excite chocolate lovers.
  • We process our recipes with a high level of perfection in terms of production and storage process. This may sound like a matter of course, however it is not.
  • Product safety is of highest priority: in the last decade we were already among the first in terms of current certifications. Since then we have reached the highest possible level in IFS, BRC and ISO 22.000 every year (click to download the latest certificates).
  • Sustainable cocoa cultivation is dear to our hearts. We support the effort of the German government in cooperation with the association of the German confectionery industry (BDSI) and the BVL as a founding member of the “Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao” (forum sustainable cocoa). Aims and purposes of the forum are to support cocoa farmers in cultivating countries in developing a sustainable production of cocoa.

REGULATION (EU) No 1169/2011

Under the following downloads you will find all relevant data regarding our recipes. We are pleased to inform you about all data in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. 

Please note: information correct at time of publication. 

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