How Much Food Do I Need For My Party?

How Much Food Do I Need For My Party?

Enjoy organising your party with these handy tips for knowing how much food you will need

As specialist event and party caterers, Party Food Melbourne know all about providing enough food for your particular occasion. They know that even well prepared menus and quantities are a guide rather than gospel as all functions are different.

We are also asked this question a lot, so here are our guidelines.

Factors that Affect Your Party Catering Requirements

It is a little more art than science, but the main factors to consider are:

  • number of guests
  • are they all adults or will there be children?
  • age of adults and children
  • mix of men and/or women
  • the overall menu
  • length of the party and whether it is over a meal time
  • richness and denseness of the food being served
  • the mix of food being served
  • type of event
  • 'style' of guests - are they plain eaters, an active sports group, are they expecting something unusual on your menu?

How Much Food Do I Need For My Party? This wedding chocolate fountain dessert buffet at Melbourne Pavilion for 300 guests was well received by all.

We find that generally, younger adults eat less than older adults. Ask a friend who works in aged care about how much an older person can eat in a day. Younger adult and adolescent girls tend to pick at food rather than heartily devour a large meal, especially in front of her peers. If you have a sporting crowd, they usually eat well.

If your party catering time is under an hour, consider whether you will have enough time to serve out enough food for a meal, or whether to only offer afternoon tea, pre-dinner drinks or light finger food. Make sure your guests know if you are only offering a light serving over what some may consider a meal time. Also let us know if we are preparing your menu.

The time of your party is also very important. An after-dinner cocktail party requires less food than an all-day barbecue.

If you have primary school aged children, you can use a fairly simplistic ratio of 2:1 for food quantity needed, ie, 2 children to one adult portion. Always check with parents for allergies!


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