High Impact Fundraising - #4 Sausage Sizzles

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This is the fourth tip in our new series, High Impact Fundraising.

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Mouth-Watering Sausage Sizzles

Sausage sizzles are part of Aussie life! Organisations like Bunnings, Lions Club and Rotary have advanced the humble sausage sizzles into a great Australian fundraising artform.

If you are running a Bunnings, Masters, Officeworks or any other community sausage sizzle event, you can make life easy on your volunteers. 

Sausage Sizzle Supplies

Order ahead and pick up on the day. Early pick-ups can be arranged.

  • pre-sliced onions
  • ice
  • bread
  • bulk sauces in handy squeeze bottles
  • napkins
  • sausages (our sausages have up to 60% less fat than supermarket sausages and include meat)
  • polystyrene cold food storage boxes
  • salads, butter portions, plates, cutlery where a complete meal is being planned
  • helium balloons to ensure your stall noticed

Foods only avaialble to our Melbourne and surrounds customesr.

Connect and share these great fundraising ideas, and create an amazing fundraising event for your school, network, community group, charity or sporting group.

Image courtesy BSG Studio

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