High Impact Fundraising - #3 Guess How Many Balloons

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This is the first tip in our new series, High Impact Fundraising.

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Guess How Many Balloons

Approach your local car rental company or new car or boat sales showroom for a sponsorship offer to fill their vehicle with balloons. Your fundraising party guests buy a ticket or tickets then have the opportunity to guess how many balloons.

Keep a record of how many (unpopped) balloons filled your vehicle so the prizewinner can be announced at the fundraiser. If the prize value is above the minimum for the gambling requirements in your state, ensure you maintain proper records and register the activity accordingly.

Guess How Many ...'s has been around a long time. We love this version because it creates a real and lasting impact on your fundraising guests and their experience at the event, can be easy to implement with great support by a local business.

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